Vocabulary Workshop Level E Units 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 Crossword
Down: 2)  mean, nasty4)  To return to an earlier, inferior, or less complex condition; to go backward5) NOT passionate7)  To say or do again and again9)  Limited10)  a cure-all13)  destroy, erase15)  massacre, fire17)  increase, expand21)  precisely, word for word24)  Having the ability of using both hands with equal skill or ease25) conscientious, moral30)  Polite, refined, and often elegant in manner31)  ponder, deliberate32)  sumptuous, lavish33)  Left desolate or alone, especially by death35) NOT truthfulness36)  standard, model37)  deception, deceit39)  arrange, set up46)  Not properly maintained; disorderly or untidy47)  stimulus, incentive50) hesitant, timid51)  respect, regard52)  An accomplishment or achievement that is gained or reached53)  Stormy; Showing no mercy56) NOT restorative59) friendly, polite60)  enemy, foe63) inspect, study64)  Genuine; not pretended; sincerely felt or expressed66)  To discover with certainty, as through examination or experimentation69) erase, obliterate70)  cookery, eatable72) NOT stick around74)  Agreement with a statement or proposal; To agree or express agreement75)  admire, worship76)  Not difficult to do Across: 1)  Characterized by unlimited or infinite knowledge3) NOT susceptible6)  Characterized by caution8)  patron, sponsor11)  cunning, deception12)  That can not be wounded or hurt14)  To give by will16)  bother, hassle18) NOT amicable19)  Peculiarly unsettling, as if of supernatural origin or nature; eerie20) uncultivated, empty22)  overpowering, strong23)  grim, dismal26)  pity, mercy27) lack, shortage28) NOT complete29)  unenthusiastic, indifferent34)  A taunting or bitterly sarcastic remark; To utter taunts or jeers35) NOT placidity36) NOT halt38)  spoil, taint40) sinister, dangerous41)  To move about stealthily42)  To fill with high or cheerful spirits43) NOT stubborn44)  To stare wonderingly or stupidly, often with the mouth open45)  Patient courage48) careful, punctilious49)  A hint; an obscure or indirect suggestion or notice54) NOT nasty55)  The state of being at rest or relaxing; To rest or relax57)  indifferent, relaxed58)  A longing for things, persons, or situations of the past61)  trek, traipse62)  The purest or most typical instance65)  That may be done, performed, or effected66)  Being joined in close association67) skillful, dexterous68)  To force71)  to set right73)  To drive off or scatter in different directions74)  disinclined, unenthusiastic77) insignificant, minor78)  To cause to turn away79) excusable, minor80)  Risk of loss or injury; peril or danger81)  ruin, finish82)  fearful, cowardly83)  congregate, meet84)  appealing to the mind or to reason; convincing


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